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At Desert Mobile Home Offers we take pride in being the best choice for your mobile home buyer in the desert !

Welcome to Desert Mobile Home Offers your gateway to hassle-free mobile home selling. With a passion for mobile homes and a focus on seamless transactions, we're your trusted partner in realizing the value of your property.

At Desert Mobile Home Offers, we've perfected the art of mobile home sales. Our dedicated team brings expertise, transparency, and personalized attention to every interaction, ensuring your journey is both rewarding and stress-free.

Whether you're seeking a swift sale, expert guidance, or a fair deal, you're in the right place. Explore the reasons that make us stand out and discover why selling your mobile home has never been this easy.

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Expertise in Mobile Homes

At Desert Mobile Home Offers mobile homes are our specialty. With a wealth of experience, we understand the unique dynamics of mobile home transactions. From legal considerations to accurate valuations, our expert team ensures a seamless process. Our in-depth knowledge guarantees competitive cash offers that truly reflect your mobile home's value. When you choose us, you're choosing trusted experts who make your selling journey effortless and rewarding.

Sell to a Trusted Mobile Home Buyer in California VS Listing with a realtor

As-Is Selling

Simplify your mobile home sale with Desert Mobile Home Offers We embrace your home as it is – no repairs required. Say goodbye to the complexities and expenses of renovations. Our dedicated team handles all the details, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish. You'll receive a competitive cash offer that accurately reflects your home's value, without the need for costly improvements. Experience the convenience of selling without the stress – choose us for a straightforward and rewarding selling journey.

Tired of Eviction Anxiety? Dealing with Lousy tenants that you sublet to?

There’s almost nothing worse than the fear of coming home to an eviction notice. Especially when you know that your shot clock is running out and you’ll likely lose your home as a result. Look, we get it. We’ve all fallen on hard times in life or tried to do business with the wrong people and paid the price for it: - Subletting to tenants who are breaking the rules, or skipping rent. - Selling your home in payments that your buyers aren’t able to keep up with, sticking you with the burden of lot rental payments. - Losing your source of income and scrambling to make something happen before your Park pulls the plug… - Sometimes life can be great, except for a pesky park manager that has it out for you Whatever your reason, we’ll help you make your transition to the next phase of life simply, quickly, and profitably.

Can’t Keep Up With Repairs Anymore?

As time rolls by, it’s easy to see that mobile homes aren’t really built with the same kind of durability as most family homes. Chances are, you’re struggling with more than a few issues in your home right now, and the moment you fix one thing, you have about a week until something else shows up. Fixed the unlevel floor that made things creak and kept your doors from closing properly? Get ready for your plumbing to break or clog in a handful of days… (Hope you have a plunger ready.) Or maybe, you’ll finally forget to avoid those rotting spots in your subflooring and fall through it. Not to mention the roof that you’re constantly repairing with silicon… If you’re being honest, your mobile home needs a total overhaul, which is likely to cost you at least $5000. We’d be happy to take that cost, and those issues off your hands and pay you a fair price for your mobile home.

Inherited a Home That’s Been a Hassle?

Your loved one was considerate enough to leave you with what they probably hoped would be a blessing, but has probably turned into a nightmare… You found yourself practically forced to enter into a rental agreement with a park or lot owner, who could simply CHOOSE to not accept payments from you. Evicting your late relative or any unauthorized occupants and claiming ownership of your inheritance. If you were successful in entering a new agreement with the Mobile Home Park, you’ve now got a mobile home, that’s in bad condition, and filled to the brim with belongings that you now have to sort through and dispose of… Things aren’t looking great. Instead of a gift, you’ve received a new responsibility, with a ton of new expenses. And the traditional sales route for mobile homes can take as much as 6 months to complete. While that’s happening, you’ll be paying $700 per month in rent, and about $200 per month in utilities… OR, you could save yourself all of that trouble, sell to us, and let us take care of it all.

You’re Ready to Move to Somewhere Better— Or You’re Being Forced Out

Mobile Home Parks are notorious for having limited mercy. If you’re in the position where a park has given you a 30-day notice to move your home from their property, then time is of the essence. You don’t have the usual 6 months to spare, waiting on inspections, offers, and closing dates. You need to sell to someone who can move your mobile home out of it’s current location in a hurry. Whether your park won’t renew your lease, your local county or city has given you notive to move from a particular lot, or you’re being pressured by your insurance provider to remove your mobile home— We’ve got you covered.

But, What if I don’t have the title or paperwork for my unit?

We get it— Mobile home sales can be a tricky business. You may have purchased a home from someone who couldn’t get their hands on all the necessary paperwork to complete a transfer into your name or inherited it from a family member. Maybe you’re not even sure whose name the mobile home is registered under. Whatever situation you find yourself in, we’ll make it easy for you to complete the sale, and get paid quickly for your mobile home.

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