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Listing with a realtor vs. selling to Desert Mobile Home offers

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Should You Hire a realtor or Sell to Desert Mobile Home Offers?

Do you want to make a informed choice about selling your mobile home in todays market ? See the table below for key differences.

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Hiring An Agent

Selling To Desert Mobile Home Offers

Commissions / Fees:

Real estate commission will run you about 6% of the final sale price

$0 – We charge nothing

Who Pays Closing Costs?:

The seller can pay up to 2% in closing costs

$0 – We pay all closing costs

Inspection & Financing Contingency*:

Required by lenders – and up to 15% of sales fall through

Not required – We buy as is

Appraisal Needed:

Often required by the lender

Not required – We have the funds available to pay you now

Average Days Until Sold:

+/- 91 Days

We will make you an offer right away

Number of Showings:


Only us

Closing Date:

It can be several weeks after an offer has been accepted

Whenever you choose

Who Pays For Repairs?:

Negotiated between the buyer and seller after the inspection

We do

Call us and/or fill-in contact form for offer and compare yourself

Is it important for you to start process with buyer who will actually finish process ? We might not be the highest offer but we can close escrow the fastest with an easy process. For too many of our sellers who have fallen out of escrow with realtor many times due to inspections on top of inspections or other realtor listing non-sense. It is a better decision to sell to Desert Mobile Home Offers with a fair offer than a long draw out listing process with an agent with no guarantee of sale.

Think about this...

We close in 10 days or less !

The average realtor listing in our area is taking 91 days to sell. This means you continue to pay lot rent, utilities, and insurance bills during listing. Also very commonly during realtor listing inspection process you have to do repairs with no guarantee buyer will close escrow. If buyer backs out or does not get approved by community. You are now out more than 91 days of time and all the utilities bills plus repair cost ! Not to mention no sales money !

Repairs and clean up is our responsibility

Does your mobile home have subfloor issues, leaky pipes, bad roof, fire damage ? Or just needs to be painted and new flooring. No repairs are too big or too small for us. It all becomes our responsibility once you accept our offer ! You take what you want from home and leave everything else you do not want. We will deal with everything from here on.

We Even Pay 100% Of The Closing Costs

Listen. We’re 100% about making this as quick, easy, and profitable as possible for you. We really will purchase your mobile home “as is”. No need for repairs, no realtor fees, no inspections— Nothing. We’ll take it off your hands without you having to clean up or even remove anything from your property. So if you’re ready to finally get your mobile home off your hands, then fill out the contact info form below.

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Get Cash Today! No Hidden Fees, No Realtors and No More Space Rent.

Receive a cash offer for your mobile home and close within a week. Cash in hand within 7 days, no repairs required. Say goodbye to space rent, sell quickly for cash. Share your details, and we'll present a cash offer.

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